At the end of the day

It is always important in life to help those who are less fortunate. It is our job to help people who cannot help themselves. There has to be alternative reasons for us to wake up everyday. Although we know that death and taxes are inevitable, everyday we wake up it should mean something to us other than just a pay check. If the only thing we look forward to is bills, money , and working;  this life will not hold much value. The point is that we must add value to others is when we begin to appreciate the things about life. I do understand that bills, money, and working are important factors in surviving day-to-day. If this is all we have to live for, then our lives are shallow and really don’t mean as much. We have to be involved in adding value to others, it is a key component to living a truly blessed life. I will challenge anyone who is reading this message to make a committment to adding value to someone’s life. We must wake up everyday with this thought in our mind. It could be as small volunteering, teaching,  donating, or as big as putting your life at risk to save someone elses. I know there are some that may say “I’m not putting my life at risk for no one” but truth of the matter is many of us will risk our lives to save a family member. I would not think twice if my son was in danger;  I would sacrifice myself in order for him to be okay. This all may sound like a cliché’, but I wanted to state it anyway. The life we live is not long, so we must add  value to the people we share it with.  My son Eric is 12 years old and he was diagnosed with autism at age 4. I love his approach to things and the way he lives life. Eric’s personality is the same everyday. He does not wake on the wrong side of the bed, nor is a hater of anyone. He could careless if someone doesn’t like him or if someone is talking behind his back. Eric goes on about life as if he is teaching me something. Although he does not know he’s teaching me, it is relevent to me. I learn a lesson from Eric everyday about not sweating the small things, or not caring who likes you . This kid and other kids like him are teaching us things we do not realize. It is up to us to interpret the message that being sent, not them. Life is hard enough worrying about everything else that is going on. It is important to add value to others, because (at the end of the day) all the negative things don’t even matter. Until next time, keep #learningforlife.


About ewright0629

I'm a family oriented professional who loves God, family, and business. I also believe in personal development and helping others. "You will never change your life until you change something you do daily."

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