I’m a family man who loves God, business, and helping people. My professional background I spent 27 years in the restaurant business as a production leader and associate manager. I believe in honest pay for an honest days work. We should always strive to develop ourselves physically and mentally. My wife and I met in September 1997. We were married two years later in July 1999. My wife was already blessed with  three kids, Tenisha was 7, Artavius was 6, and Alfred was 4. I was the only father they knew and It is a blessing to be apart of their lives. My son Eric was born June 29, 2001, Eric was diagnosed with Autism at age 4. We knew nothing about Autism, and like many parents we blamed ourselves for Eric’s  diagnoses. There is never time when we should take life for granite. We should enjoy life “Be the change” at all times.  This is why I dedicate my life to the early detection program; it will bring awareness to getting our children tested early. This program will help us build a platform for related preventative measure. I quit school in the 12 grade 18 weeks before graduation. I never understood why I quit, I just hated school and everything about. I went back to school at age 25 and that’s were I begin this thirst for personal development. I started taking college courses soon after, only to end up quitting that as well. I returned to school some 20 years later because I felt a need to finish what I started. I’m presently enrolled at the University of Phoenix and I’m just beginning my second year. I’m very proud of this accomplishment, but I’m not done yet. Life throws a lot at you , but you have to be able to catch it. ” Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi famous-quotes


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